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    V/Line and Metro train Reduced capacity on Dandenong line March 21st

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Victoria/Melbourne Public transport

Melbourne public transport system comprises of train, tram, ferries and bus services stretching across the entire state of Victoria.


Metro Trains

Melbourne suburban rail network has 15 electric train lines services and one diesel services stretching across the entire Melbourne area. The 15 electric train lines and Frankston to Stony Point Diesel service are operated by a company called Metro Melbourne.  Timetables Click Here


Yarra Trams

Melbourne has one of the world's most extensive tram networks and Melbourne tram network is third largest tram network in the world with an amazing 245 kilometres of double track and trams network provide convenient and frequent travel through Melbourne's inner suburbs. Timetables Click Here


Melbourne Buses

Melbourne's public transport buses are operated by a number of private bus companies which operate under the PTV banner. PTV buses serve suburbs distant from rail lines, services to and from the city and provide inter-suburb services. Timetable Click Here



Victoria / Mebourne Road network

Victoria and Melbourne road network contains different types of roads, they are the following: freeways, tollways, highways and local streets. Melbourne tollways roads system is based on electrically e-tag system. Person using Citylink/Eastlink will need an toll account to use the tollway. There is option of a day pass; this allows a user to use tollway for the day. Note there are no coin toll booths on Melbourne tollways network at all.


Ticket System

Unlike many major cities in the world, Victoria and Melbourne has an integrated public transport ticketing system called myki. Melbourne integrated public transport ticketing system allows a user travel on all metropolitan public transport services and also some country services, please note metcards are not valid on Melbourne Ferries services and most V/Line services require V/Line, if a user has Melbourne on their V/Line ticket they also get zones 1 and 2 on their ticket include at no change.