Myki Money

Myki money, you ‘pay as you go’. Simply top up with myki money to access a single and Daily cap fares.

Myki should automatically calculate the lowest fare possible according to the zones you travel within as you touch on and touch off, otherwise you need to ring up PTV call centre to organizes a refund on the following phones numbers: (note wait at least 24 hours before ring up the call centre).

Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007 

or  +61 3 9662 2505  or 03 9662 2505

When you first touch on of the day  (after 3am) it will create a single fare product. 

If you continue to travel after your single fare expires, a daily cap may be  appled to your myki cap and should valid to 3am the next day.

When using myki money, you should have enough value on your myki to pay for your whole journey.

If your myki money balance is negative (even if you have a valid myki pass), you will not be able to touch on and you will not have a valid ticket for your trip. This includes changing mode or vehicle during your journey.

Change of mind

At a train station, if you touch on and then decide not to travel, touch off within 15 minutes of touching on and you are charged nothing for this change of mind. There is no change of mind period on trams or buses.

Early Bird train travel

Touch on and off at train stations on Melbourne’s electrified train network before 7am on a weekday and automatically receive the free Early Bird fare

Single Fares

The maximum fare for a single trip is the 2 hour fare for the zone(s) traveled in.

When a myki is touched off, a 2 hour “product” is created on the myki. A 2 hour product authorises unlimited 
travel in the zone(s) travelled in until two hours after the myki was first touched on, except where 
the first touch on is made between 6pm and 12.59am, in which case the product expires at the 
end of the day.

Where a trip is entirely within a zone overlap, the fare charged and product created will be for the 
zone for which the fare is lowest. Where fares are the same, the fare charged and product created 
will be for the lower numbered zone.

To ensure customers are able to complete long journeys on V/Line services, where touch off 
indicates that a journey consisting of travel in at least 6 zones has been made (since the last 
touch on), the expiry time of the product will be extended by an additional hour for every multiple 
of 6 zones traveled in. In these cases, references in this manual to ‘2 hour products’ or ‘2 hour fares’ 
mean products or fares for 3 hours or 4 hours (whichever is applicable).
Number of zones traveled in Product created

Within the zone(s) covered by it, the product authorizes travel that extends beyond the time of its 
expiry, as long as the myki is touched on before that expiry, subject to the conditions in Chapter 8 
relating to touching on and touching off a myki.

Important note: If you touch on in Zone 1 between 4pm and 6pm on a weekday and are connecting to a V/Line service which departs any station after 6pm, you are advised to touch off at the end of your Metro journey and touch on again prior to boarding the V/Line service. 

Daily cap

This is the maximum fare charged for unlimited travel in the zone(s) in which travel takes place
on a single day.

The Daily cap for concession mykis is 50 per cent of the full fare Daily cap.
myki keeps track of fares paid, and zones travelled in, during a day. When the total paid on a day
reaches the Daily cap for the zone(s) travelled in on that day, a Daily product for the zone(s) is created
on the myki.

A Daily product is also created after a 2 hour fare is paid for a zone(s) in which a customer
has previously travelled that day and for which the Daily cap has been reached.
Within the zone(s) covered by the product a customer may board any train, tram or bus before
the expiry of the product even if the journey extends beyond the product’s expiry.
In addition to the normal Daily cap, the following caps apply when using myki money for certain
customers or certain days of the week. Where more than one type of cap is applicable on a day,
the lowest cap will apply

Weekend and public holiday daily cap

On weekends and public holidays, you will pay no more than $6.00 per day for unlimited travel in Zones 1 and 2.
Seniors daily cap and free weekend travel for two zones