Melbtrip, your Guide to Melbourne's public transport. This website Contains information on train, tram and bus services throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area and country Victoria, including timetables and a ticket cost calculator for your convenience.
By using the Melbtrip website, you will discover just how fast and easy it is to find out information about all of the public transport that currently serves your suburb and / or a major destination. You can even choose to look up a train, tram or a bus timetable separately and work out a suitable route of transportation to where you have to go.

History Of Melbtrip
1996 Idea Melbourne Public Transport website
1996-98 Idea for Melbtrip name
1998-99 host at (for free)
2004 - today at
2005 till today Comes a Community Project
2005 new domain name

The Idea for a Melbourne Public Transport website started around 1996,
website did not start till 1998-99.
From 1999 till 2004 Melbtrip was hosted by
from 2004 till today melbtrip is hosted by and
Suggestions or comments on the melbtrip send mail to Thank you to these people that have helped with the website Project.




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