Melbourne MYKI fares


myki Money


2 hours


Weekend daily cap

     Full FareConcessionFull FareConcessionFull FareConcession
1+2 $5.30 $2.65 $10.60 $5.30 $7.20 $3.60
2 $3.30 $1.65 $6.60 $3.30 - -

A daily cap is the maximum you'll pay for a day’s unlimited travel – it’s the same as two 2 hour fares, for the zones you travel in.

*Seniors also receive free travel on Saturdays and Sundays for trips entirely within one or two consecutive zones (including within Zone 1+2) and on regional town bus services.

Early Bird train travel

Touch on and touch off before 7.15am and make sure you have a positive myki Money balance to receive the free Early Bird fare on your metropolitan train journey.

Please note: V/Line train services are not eligible for the Early Bird fare, except for travel between Pakenham or Sunbury and Melbourne.